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Breaking Point

by Nori Kelley

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IT'S GOOD TO KNOW (Nori Kelley) Every day I wake up in a world full of hunger And every day I wake up to a world full of lies Trying to get ahead to keep from stumbling behind But in this life I lead there's just no way to compromise And it's good to know Someone's guiding every step I take And it's good to know Someone really really cares And it's so good to know That I don't even have to worry Lord, it's good to know You're really there Lord, it's good to know You're really there Straight and narrow paths aren't always easy to follow And when I try to do it on my own, the light gets so dim Trying to stay on top to keep from being pulled under But between the tide and the undertow, there's just no way to swim...
NOTHING ELSE TO DO (Nori Kelley) Looking back, I think of yesterday Sometimes, you know it seems so far away People that I knew, places I've been It's over now, and won't be back again And when I turn around to see how far I've come Realizing I could never change the things I've done I place my trust in You There's nothing else to do Dealing with myself as days go by While the passing present looks me in the eye I can feel the haunting presence of my will How I wish that I could make the time stand still And when I stop to think about where I am now Realizing that You love me, though I don't know how I live my life for You There's nothing else to do Watching as the road slowly unwinds With so many unanswered questions in my mind I can sense the chill of evening in the wind As the narrow path before me closes in And when I lift my eyes to see what lies ahead Realizing I must follow where the wind has led I give my life to You There's nothing else to do
(LOVE YOU) WITH MY LIFE (Nori Kelley) Sifting out all the dreams that blurr my vision Reminded that I'm redeemed and on a mission Surrounded by so many who seem so insincere People whose motives are marred by their ambitions Young songwriters and starry eyed musicians Help me to hide in my heart the reason that I'm here I don't need to be the star of the convention And I don't want to be the center of attention Don't need to play to a packed house every night I only need to love You with my life All that I am is a pile of crumbling ashes I'm only here for a while among the masses Make me contented to smile and do the best I can Make me aware of the needs of those around me I want to live out the deeds that prove You found me Give me a love that exceeds the wisdom of a man Don't need the praises of man to tell my story I don't want to get caught up in the glory No one's opinion can tell me if I'm right I only need to love You with my life
CATRINA'S SONG (Nori Kelley) Catrina Why do I find you confused and lonely You're painting a picture of roses in bloom But something is wrong I can tell by your trembling voice All the while you long for love Catrina I see a beautiful girl inside you But she keeps on hiding herself underneath Afraid to unlock the door To let someone in And all of the while she cries for love Catrina Oh, there are roses to bloom around you You're pictures are turning and fading away Come out in the daylight And plant your seeds And see how the flowers grow through love
Prosperity 05:01
PROSPERITY (Nori Kelley & Margaret Frost) I heard all around me the people calling me to go Abundant life was waiting at my door "Ask what you will, in faith, and it will surely come to you" It promised anything I'd want and more So I sought and I studied, prayed to God, but nothing still No signs to follow my repeticious calling Sorting out the pieces, "The answer's here someplace, I know - All the rituals have been followed - it promised to pay!" Prosperity, living abundantly I did my all, now where are you? No one said my heart had to play a part I just ordered my prize and went along I placed myself above the call, but is a servant greater than his master? This trap was just a license for my greed Ever wanting, and never coming to know the truth Just to think that I was rich and had no need!
THE JEALOUS ONE (Nori Kelley) Where are God's people? Hiding under the steeple Thinking they've got it made Buildings erecting And ever neglecting The jealous One they've betrayed Looking around me It simply astounds me Those who say they gave their lives to Him I hear that fifty percent Say they're "born again" But where are those who have repented from sin? Your testimony's the best Say you've really been blessed You're so proud to say you know the way But He says, "Why do you call Me 'Lord, Lord' When you won't do the things that I say? How can you know that you're in His will When you can't even respond to His touch? He who is faithful in the little things Will be the one who is faithful in much
THE STORY OF STORIES (Nori Kelley) The story of stories told time after time To a world with ears turned away They hear the kind words of love and obedience Their heads bowed, pretending to pray In a game of high morals they can't seem to win They grow colder with each passing day And like a herd of swine driven down into the sea With the world they will be swept away The tale of tales of a new life to come In the back of their mind all the while "The joke of jokes," they think to themselves But somehow, they can't seem to smile In hiding their faces from the truth and the light They grow older with each passing mile They strain out a gnat, yet swallow a camel Failing to stand in the trial Unless you repent Trust His word and be saved The price for your sin has been paid Just repent And come out of the shadows His light will drive darkness away... The day of days is surely coming The day when He shall appear The King of Kings in power and glory To wipe away every tear But on all who have failed to believe in the Way Will fall a deep soul searching fear "Depart from Me, I never knew you" The truth will then be made clear Unless you repent Trust His word and be saved The price for your sin has been paid Just repent And come out of the shadows His light will drive darkness away His spirit will show you the way He separated the night from the day...
NOT MY WILL BUT THINE (Nori Kelley) On my knees again before you My heart cries out loud All I want is just to seek You for Your presence to reveal How can I begin to tell You The things that I've been going through You know what I'm feeling and I've nothing to conceal But God, the pain is so real And I'm trying to see just how this fits in with the deal Drifting in and out of Your presence Can leave a man in misery So I've been asking You to deal with everything that's in the way But when You touch me in those delicate places I want so bad to turn away 'Cause I'm afraid of hearing anything that You might have to say Why am I acting this way? When I cling to my security, Your voice I can't obey And I'm beginning to understand The meaning of the cross I have to bear And if I wanna take Your hand I must be willing to go with You anywhere And though it hurts to see those secret thoughts Being brought out into view It's all part of what I chose to do When I gave my life to You "Oh please, not that one, Lord, it means so much to me!" Guess I'm still holding on to what I think is mine "Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me Nevertheless, not my will, but Thine! Nevertheless, not my will, but Thine And I'm beginning to understand The meaning of this cross I'm called to bear And if I wanna take Your hand I must be willing to go with You anywhere And now I see how much You love me In bringing on these changes I'm going through It's all part of what I chose to do When I gave my life to You When I gave my life to You Oh, how I want to give my life to You
After All 05:58
AFTER ALL (Nori Kelley) After all the things He's shown to you And after all the things you've learned What will you do with what He's told you And what will you do with what you know To be right? After all the times you've heard it And after all the times you've turned away What will you do when you really want it And what will you do when it's too late To repent? He's in love with you And all He asks is that you love Him, too He's in love with you And I know He's faithful to go with you through The times you think that you can't carry on He's there to comfort and be strong... After all, who cares what "they" think? And after all it's up to you We're gonna have to die if we want to be counted Among the living Salvation's free but it's not cheap
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Breaking Point was my second album, recorded in 1983. By this time, I had a little studio time under my belt, having done work as a session guitarist for about 4 years. I was trying to go for something a little more commercial than "Spring Rain," although compared to what was coming out in those days, it still wasn't very commercial at all!

I was joined primarily by my close friends Jim Pollard on drums and George Vinson on bass, although drummer John Sussewell (Donny Hathaway, Average White Band, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan) played on some tracks, keyboardist Randy Harper (Ricky Skaggs) contributed, and friends like Debbie Handy, Barry Goss and legendary guitarist Will McFarlane sang harmonies. Again, engineer Noah White manned the board and put up with all my stuff.

I took the finished product up to Nashville to be mastered at Masterphonics by the great Glenn Meadows, but when I arrived Glenn "stuck" me with someone who I at first thought was going to be something like an intern. Boy was I wrong. It ended up being mastering legend Ken Perry (The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan and many more)! I felt like Ken gave me about two years worth of a sound/mastering education that day, in about two hours - what a priceless time that was for me!


released July 1, 1983

Nori Kelley - Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, lap steel, keyboards, flute, percussion, string arrangement ("Catrina's Song")
Randy Harper - keyboards, conducting ("Catrina's Song")
George Vinson - Bass
Jim Pollard - Drums, percussion
John Sussewell - Drums, percussion ("Nothing Else To Do," "Prosperity" & "The Jealous One")
Backing Vocals - Debbie Handy, Will McFarlane, Nori Kelley, Jenny McLemore, Barry Goss & Luke Lucas


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